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Gabriel Boudier


Created in 2018, the Gabriel Boudier Development brand formalises the historical R&D activity branch of the House, which offers customers and partners:
• A project-design service
• A R&D centre
• A talent incubator
• The design and sale of new products

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Created in 2018, to develop the various structures within the Maison Gabriel Boudier, the Gabriel Boudier Development brand is the historical profession of the house.

Through this branch of activity, Gabriel Boudier offers to both customers and partners:

Boudier bureau

A project-design service, made up of experts dedicated to their brands, with shared operations in project mode.

Boudier labo

A laboratory for imagining and testing new products a technical center with a monitoring unit that ensuring rigorous monitoring of regulatory changes and food safety standards throughout the world.

Boudier incubateur

A talent incubator geared towards innovation, and actively supporting promising young start-ups, such as H. Theoria, or organising professional competitions, such as the Wizard Competition, rewarding the best bartender’s liqueur.

Boudier pro

The design and sale of products intended for flavoring professionals.

Gabriel Boudier Development thus embodies Gabriel Boudier’s high standards in the service of his own development, as well as that of his partners in France and around the world.
It is the expression of Gabriel Boudier’s Taste for Excellence, constantly focused on innovation.

Our R&D team adapts to new trends, it is looking to the future. Innovation is one of our strengths and our pride.

Would you like to get in touch with our R&D team?
contact us at developpement@boudier.com