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Our values


The values of Maison Gabriel Boudier are embedded in the structure of the company since 1874.

They guide our employees on a daily basis in their work with our partners, our suppliers, and of course with our customers.

They set out guidelines on which our company philosophy is based.


The Human is the collaborator, who creates, who manufactures, who bottles, who packages, so that our products are always perfect. The Human is above all the consumer, the mixologist who enjoys making a cocktail, the customer who is delighted with our creations. The Human is the sharing of passion. At Maison Gabriel Boudier, this notion is very important to us and we incorporate this into our products along with a smile for our valued customers.


Audacity is the prerogative of those who dare. On a daily basis, we shake up codes, reinvent ourselves, and adapt traditions to always meet consumer expectations. Even better, the daring create new expectations and set themselves goals to achieve, each one more ambitious than the previous. At Gabriel Boudier, we like Audacity, we like challenges, and we like to question ourselves every day in order to develop constantly. This is the reason for the success of our products.


Excellence is a requirement that we set ourselves to never disappoint our customers. It is a
commitment inscribed at the heart of our DNA, inseparable from the philosophy that has been ours since the creation of Maison Gabriel Boudier. A Gabriel Boudier product never leaves the factory until it is perfect.


To be true is, by nature, a complex notion to define.
Maison Gabriel Boudier works every day to remain true, authentic. Therefore, the products we use are noble and of the highest quality, never to betray our ideal: consumer satisfaction.
Authenticity is ultimately the synthesis of humanity, audacity and excellence. Authenticity is a beautiful product; Authenticity is a Gabriel Boudier product.