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Gabriel Boudier Dijon and his signature approve the craftsmanship of the various ranges of Maison Gabriel Boudier.

Tradition, research and design are at the heart of this approach, recognised today by amateurs and consumers as a taste benchmark. It is our quality guarantee of Gabriel Boudier products and it continues to extend around the world.

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Les inimitables

They are inimitable because they embody the traditional French aperitif: the one that we have always enjoyed at the counter of the bar or our favorite restaurant. They are here because they combine the history and the DNA of Gabriel Boudier. The history of Burgundy, our roots in Dijon, our tradition and our expertise. We cannot forget our iconic square bottle, created for our London Dry Gin during the Second World War!

Les festives

They are synonymous with festive elegance, and we have to recognize that it by sharing with others that they find popularity. The preferred range of worldwide bartenders: the products are the leaders of consumer mixology trends. They are the inventions of Gabriel Boudier, an example the Kaffir Lime Leaf, created with an original idea by a bartender during the Wizard Cocktail Competition in 2015.

Les étoilées

They reflect the know-how, the creativity and the alliance of gastronomy and liqueurs. The Gabriel Boudier ‘star’ range is recognised by the unique packaging as much as the intense fruit flavors they offer. The Bernard Loiseau range created from an exceptional encounter: a shared taste for the harmony of flavors and the finesse of food and liqueur pairings.

Les signatures

A signature range, with many brands. Firstly the range is unexpected and invites you to travel with the Gabriel Boudier brand. Secondly because it reflects the production expertise of Gabriel Boudier, each title product is discreetly signed to leave room for their respective brand identities.

One of the sunniest incarnations of this singularity: Saffron Gin, and its orange color.